Spring Session : March 30 – June 18, 2020


IKRA spa plus is very proud of offering you classes of Yoga in Verdun for over 10 years!


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is what most people in the Western world associate with the word “Yoga” and is most commonly practiced for mental and physical health. Groups and individuals use this ancient, classic yoga style to get fit and encourage a healthy mind-body connection. Knowing more about Hatha yoga will help fitness beginners see more about how this traditional yoga practice informs newer yoga styles and brings a lot of authentic principles to a yoga routine.

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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga gives future mothers the chance to cultivate a profound consciousness of the changes that occur during pregnancy. It improves flexibility, develops the confidence and calmness necessary to face the changes. It also helps to create a stronger bond with one’s baby.

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Beginner Yoga

The fundamentals of yoga are presented in a safe and nurturing environment to help the beginning yoga student learn effective techniques to become healthier, fitter and stronger.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Our therapeutic yoga classes features the practice of Asanas that have similar effect to physiotherapy exercises. This course also introduces deep relaxation techniques for long lasting benefits that will help you sleep better, remain more calm and reduce stress.

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Power Yoga

Power yoga takes your practice and your body to the next level in a power driven class with twists and inverted poses, designed to work up a sweat and to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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Price Reduction  
  • 1st course: $150 / 12 weeks ($12.50/class)
  • 2nd course: 40% rebate ($7.50/class)
  • 3rd course: 70% rebate ($4.50/class)
  • Trial class: $10
  • Drop-in: $15

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Yoga Flow

What is yoga flow? Through a series of movements linked with breathing, yoga flow combines power poses with dynamic motion for a holistic workout that energizes, strengthens and stretches the body.
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– 3 classes can be retaken during the session

– Taxes not included