Spring Session : March 30 – June 18, 2020

Tai Chi

balance, meditation, harmony

IKRA spa plus is very happy of offering you classes of Tai Chi in Verdun for over 10 years!


Tai Chi Chuan is a system of self-defence which is also treasured for its great health benefits. The Tai Chi form is an active meditation performed in a slow and relaxed manner to relieve tension and promote the circulation of Chi (internal energy) to revitalize and heal the body. Regular practice develops harmony between the mind, body and emotions. The gentle movements of the form allow it to be practiced by people of all ages.

We practice the Wu Style Round Form. It is especially smooth, flowing, and natural which allows students to relax and develop proper stomach breathing. These are key factors in promoting the circulation of the Chi. Students have found Tai Chi to be effective against chronic illnesses, stomach disorders, and tensions. Many new students begin to feel health benefits after practicing only a few classes.

Class Schedule

Price Reduction  
  • 1st course: $125 / 10 weeks ($12.50/class)                  – 3 classes can be retaken during the session
  • 2nd course: 40% rebate ($7.50/class)                           – Taxes not included
  • 3rd course: 70% rebate ($4.50/class)
  • Trial class: $10
  • Drop-in: $15

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