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Chi Kung / Meditation

balance, meditation, harmony

IKRA spa plus is very happy of offering you classes of chi kung in Verdun for over 10 years!


Chi Kung is practiced to cultivate Chi (internal energy). It consists of meditation, respiration, and gentle stretching and movement exercises. Daily practice increases one’s vitality and resistance to sickness. Chi Kung is very effective against stress, migraines, back pains, and other illnesses. 

In China today, close to five million practice Chinese Chi Kung therapy exercises both outside and within the health care system where it is used by medical practitioners to treat a variety of illnesses. Chinese Chi Kung therapy is used in numerous hospitals and medical institutes with approval of the Chinese ministry of public health. In Canada it is just beginning to be taught and practiced as a form of exercise.

Class Schedule

Price Reduction  
  • 1st course: $200 / 16 weeks ($12.50/class)                  – 5 classes can be retaken during the session
  • ($175+tax /14 weeks for Mondays courses)                – Taxes not included
  • 2nd course: 40% rebate ($7.50/class)
  • 3rd course: 70% rebate ($4.50/class)
  • 4th course: free
  • Trial class: $10
  • Drop-in: $15

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