Winter Session : January 7 – March 27, 2019

Pilates / Stretch-Fit

IKRA spa plus is very proud of offering you classes of pilates in Verdun for over 10 years! pilates


Pilates is great for anyone wishing to improve their total fitness, posture and appearance. It is an amazing way of sculpting and toning the body based upon the method of body-conditioning and training developed by the late Dr. Joseph Pilates. It relies on strengthening core postural muscles and developing body alignment. It avoids the muscle and ligament damage, sometimes associated with other fitness regimes. Central to the method is the ‘awareness of your body’ and each and every exercise is built around eight basic principles. The ‘core stability’ is achieved by working in the deep architectural structure of the body.


The Stretch-Fit course is a more dynamic way of sculpting and toning the body. Built around the same principles as the Pilates course, it also incorporates cardio and weight training.

Class Schedule

Price Reduction  
  • 1st course: $150 / 12 weeks ($12.50/class)                  – 5 classes can be retaken during the session
  • 2nd course: 40% rebate ($7.50/class)                          – Free: 1 trial class /person in December 2016
  • 3rd course: 70% rebate ($4.50/class)                           – Upon registration, receive a 10% rebate coupon
  • 4th course: free                                                                     for all spa services
  • Trial class: $10                                                               – Taxes not included
  • Drop-in: $15

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